Thank you! I appreciate your interest in my ministry with Cru! I truly could not fulfill God’s call to serve in full-time ministry without people like you who are willing and able to support and invest in me prayerfully and financially.

How it Works
Cru/Campus Crusade for Christ has no central funds for paying salaries and ministry expenses for missionary staff members like myself. I rely exclusively on my ministry partner team to fund my work. This includes covering my salary, benefits, administrative fees, and ministry expenses.

Current Needs
I am in need of raising at least an additional $2,500 in monthly financial support. I’m looking to find 25 or more individuals, churches or organizations who can give $100 each month, or 50 who can invest $50 monthly (or the equivalence of various amounts).

Lord willing, I am hoping to find several “Anchor Partners” who would invest at least $250 monthly, and serve to “anchor” my ministry with financial and prayer support.

Additionally, I need to raise at least $25,000 in special gifts to help make up recent shortages.

Note: All gifts are tax deductible and receipts will be mailed from Cru.

If able to give, you have a number of investment options:

  1. Donate online by credit card to my ministry account at Click on the gold “give a gift” button (near the bottom of the page) to get started. You can give via credit card for special gifts and/or monthly investments.
  2. Send a check – made payable to “Cru” – to me at 202 Pine Arbor Dr., Orlando, FL 32825 and I will submit it for proper processing to my ministry account.
  3. Call Cru toll-free at 1-888-278-7233 (Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.- 5 p.m., EST) to donate by phone. Indicate that it is intended for Robin Muscarella’s ministry, account #0442794.
  4. Set up an Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) either by mail or phone. Go to or send an email to [email protected]. Be sure to direct your gift to my account (0442794).
  5. Give stock gifts or other non-cash gift options. Go to for details. Let me know if you choose any of these options so I can make sure your giving is properly directed.

Prayer Support
I believe in the power of prayer and invite you to pray for me and my ministry. Please email me at [email protected] if you want to receive prayer requests.

Connecting with Friends and Family
It is a tremendous help when those who support me and my ministry with Cru can connect me with others who may also be interested. Personal connections to your friends and family members are so much more meaningful and allow you to be involved in even greater ways!

Please know that anyone you connect me to will be treated with great care, respect and consideration. I never pressure anyone to give. I simply share about the opportunity to be part of my ministry team and trust the Lord to direct them to be involved or not. Also, I will never sell, distribute or give away any information that you entrust to me.

How to Connect
Please prayerfully consider any friends or family members who might be interested in meeting me and hearing about my ministry with Cru.

If you are ready to connect me to others, here are ways to do that:

  1. Email me at [email protected] with names, contact information and a brief explanation of your relationship with the friend or family member. Or email your phone number and I can call you back to talk about it.
  2. Suggest others to contact via the “Connecting with Robin” form.
  3. Send me a private message via Facebook ( and let me know you want me to contact you.

I am so incredibly grateful for your friendship and partnership! Your prayers and financial investments enable me to continue serving with Cru and together help connect people to Jesus Christ!